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Value Proposition—Why Choose Mosaic?
Why choose Mosaic? Good question. The usual answer to the value proposition question is some “blah-blah-blah” about being a “full-service” development firm that excels at everything. Everywhere. Or how they're a consulting firm that provides "value-added services.” Google “value-added services.” You'll get 17 million hits. Mosaic's value proposition is that we have special expertise in the unique place in which your problems arise: the intersection of real estate, economic development and public private partnerships. You don't have “plain vanilla” real estate problems so why partner with, invest in or hire a firm that provides “plain vanilla” off-the-shelf solutions? Our unique combination of private sector and public sector real estate experience allows us to efficiently navigate the mosaic of issues you face in urban real estate and economic development. We are also expert in working with the diverse set of community leaders, government officials, professionals and financial partners that are critical to the success of complex urban projects. Why choose Mosaic? Choose Mosaic because you have “Rocky Road” problems that can't be solved with plain vanilla solutions.

Core Values and Purpose—What principles and purpose guide everything we do?


We will uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethics.

We seek to be the very best.

Our projects will transform the people and the communities with which we work.


Mosaic Urban Partners will transform urban communities.


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